Bringing the insurance industry to 2019.

  • Identity, Product, Design
  • Sketch + Abstract, in a distributed setup.
  • 2019

One of the main challanges I had in 2019 was to understand the how the filings in the insurance industry work, in order to be able to design an efficient virtual process. When I had the first contact with the team at IRC, I never thought it would be that hard to understand all of the tiny parts that would prove to be valuable to the end-user.

Without any competitors, going on a path where no one went before, we sat down and sketched a really bad wireframe of how the product would work, highlited the most important pieces and started with a design sprint.


The final product was in need of a visual identity to gain trust in a tough market.

It's a serious business

As we made progress on the platform, we started experimenting with the identity. The initial attempts were bad and looked in this context, but bit-by-bit we began to define the core values and the expected tone. After some feedback loops, ramp had a new face.


For the final deliverables, I worked with the team at ramp to polish all the visual assets they'd needed, the general startup merch, social media assets and a press kit that proved to be handy and effective when they were covered in the news.